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    Anslatortray for Rust 0.4.0

    JZJ released this 1 year ago | 0 commits to main since this release

    • Added ASCII-only functions that are more than twice as fast as the normal translation functions in Anslatortray 0.3.0
    • Increased performance by almost 2x for normal translation functions
    • Support "hay"-style pig latin
    • Handle fully uppercase words better
    • Improve tests
    • Improve nightly-features benches
    • Consolidate previous binaries into a single anslatortray binary
    • Add support for benchmarking the translation of a file to the anslatortray binary
    • Add support for UNIX pipes to the anslatortray binary
    • Massively improved documentation
    • Removed helper functions and single word translation functions to reduce maintenance burden and allow for more flexiblity in code structure.